Specialized Ministries


This is the youth arm of the church, a BRAND of peculiar people set apart for God’s intentional course – 1 peter 2:9. We also strongly believe that nothing is more fulfilling for a youth, than serving the Lord. It is rewarding and equally a command from the Lord (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Contact details; 08034113460 (Pastor Deolu keshinro)

Priceless Women

We do believe that, women are beautiful and INVALUABLE, as God the King himself is enthralled by their beauty (Psalm 45:11) and that automatically makes them PRICELESS to the world at large. This life group loves the Lord, and is passionate about becoming all that God intended for the womanhood, collectively and individually.

Contact details; 08027377174 (Dr. Titilayo Olaitan)

Noble Men

Men are carriers of generational blessing and so it is important that men align themselves with what God has willed for their generation, on a daily basis. Here at Royal Inheritance Church, we are dedicated to building a generation of men who live out the Christ-like life, men of NOBLE character, who are willing to partner with God for their homes and the world at large.

Contact details; -08028627002 (Dr. Taiwo Akinoso)